Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soapbox Saturday–

Disclosure: I was contacted by and asked to review their site and write an a post about what I thought. I was compensated for my time spent researching and writing this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Hey guys, welcome to the weekend!! So it’s been a while since I’ve written on Saturday, but I wanted to share a wonderful new website with you guys! is a new site built to strengthen families.

I'll be honest, I was a little turned off at first with the way it's organized - a little chaotic for my brain, but the content is so worth the small inconvenience it caused my brain!:) There are tons of articles covering any stage of life you might be in from falling in love and what to look for in a future spouse to potty training to being a grandparent. Family Share is a great resource for any age or stage!

As I was reading through the site there were so many articles that caught my attention.

I started reading “Make motherhood your favorite pastime”. It was really uplifting and had some great points about the long game vs the short game of raising kids. As mothers we tend to get caught up in the short game of day-to-day tasks. “Take some time to decide what is most important for your children and your family. Keeping the end goal in sight will make the daily challenges more manageable,” writes Marianne. She also counsels to be patient and show love often. I loved the example she told of the mom whose response to her teenage son dying his hair blue was first laughter and then saying "You didn’t know that kids with blue hair can’t drive my car.” :)

Now that's the kind of mom I want to be! I don't want to be quick to anger or punish, but to find humor and patience in the everyday. I really liked the perspective I gained from this article and there are so many more like it. 

Another article I really enjoyed in the heath and fitness section was "Kicking Your Family's Salty Diet Habit." As healthy as we try to eat in my house, we all still crave those salty foods; chips, crackers, and even fries. Many days my husband will come home from work and head straight for the snacks (which we don't have a lot of) even if dinner is ready right then. This article touched on the dangers of too much salt in our diets which are; water retention, high blood pressure, damage to the heart, arteries, brain, kidneys and more. The article offered great advice, try  limiting your intake of salty foods, like bagels, pizza, and cereal which are especially sneaky sources. Try to prepare more from scratch as most prepared foods are saturated in sodium to improve taste and shelf life. Above all moderation is key. I personally had no idea bagels, pizza, and cereal were high in sodium. I'll be looking at labels from now on!

When you sign up for an account with you get to choose what topics pertain to you and that way you can go directly to the articles in those topics. I also like that they have intermixed videos in there as well. 

Some other great features of the website include groups, question and answers, and even a free E-card creating section called Show Love. There really are tons of resources on this site for connecting with others, sharing encouragement, and strengthening your family. Overall, I find to be an extremely helpful website and will be referring others here and returning often for parenting articles, strengthening marriage advice, and kid's activity ideas. It's like the ultimate database of family related advice and encouragement

So take a couple minutes and check out Find some articles that inspire you and share them with others!

Thanks for swinging by, have an amazing weekend, and show your moms, grandmas, aunts, etc some love!

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  1. Visiting from Blissful and Domestic's blog hop. I just got done reviewing Family Share as well! I didn't even know they existed before the review...

    1. Neither did I! I love it, so full of great information!


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