Friday, April 5, 2013

Help Leisa and Jacob Have A Baby Through Invitro

I know many couples who have or are struggling with fertility issues. It breaks my heart for them and I know I don’t even know a small portion of their pain.

I’m writing this post today for my friends Leisa and Jacob. They are such wonderful people who serve those around them and genuinely care about others. They want nothing more than to become parents.
Leisa has struggled with stage four Endometeosis for years and was unfortunately misdiagnosed during previous Invitro attempts, causing them to fail. “Since then they have been on an incredibly long and painful journey of health answers, adoption attempts, and sometimes just giving up hope.” (source) After moving out west, they once again regained hope they could make another go of invitro. Although their new insurance covers quite a bit of the HUGE medical costs, it doesn’t quite cover it all and now they have a deadline. August 2014.

“Very and incredibly sad at this news they discussed their options. They were still paying off the last invitro and the last 6 surguries Leisa has had. That much money sounded insurmountable. So, they dug in and started saving, but the process was so slow it was hard to not give up hope.
Then Leisa's brother called telling them that he felt prompted from God to start a fundraiser to help them raise the money for in vitro! Their hope raised and they have already seen many blessings pour from this opportunity.” (source)
Leisa is a proud new aunt, help make her a mommy too!

So I just want to ask you to take a moment and get to know their story on their blog Embracing the Road Less Traveled, leave some encouraging words, and if you feel prompted, help them with their fundraiser.

They also have a Facebook page where you can follow their story and updates. 

I wish I could do more. I wish this wasn't something so many couples had to struggle with. I hope I get to see what amazing parents these two will be!

Have a great weekend!!

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