Saturday, February 2, 2013

Soapbox Saturday - Part 2

Hey lovely readers!

First I want to let you know that I'm guest posting over at Blissful and Domestic today! 

Go check it out, I'm sharing a cute Valentines Day necklace!

So I really like the idea that I came up with last week and I think I'm going to continue it for now. Each Saturday I'm going to share with you something I've come across recently and maybe share my opinion on it.

Mostly I want to help YOU. You may not have the time or patience for researching different things. I enjoy research and want this blog to be a forum to educate yourself as well. So some weeks it will be informative and some weeks it might be humorous. 

This week I read a couple different articles that were interesting. I want to talk about THIS ONE in particular.

I love, the author, Kate's tone, she's a fun writer! The article is a letter addressed to 'Other Parents At The Park.' She asks other parents to refrain from lifting her girls to the top of the ladder she says,

 "I am not sitting here, 15 whole feet away from my kids, because I am too lazy to get up. I am sitting here because I didn't bring them to the park so they could learn how to manipulate others into doing the hard work for them. I brought them here so they could learn to do it themselves."

I totally love this. I have noticed recently that my 3 year old is asking for help with the most basic tasks like wiping his nose. I can't help but wonder if I've been doing too much for him. I want my kids to be able to do hard things and have the courage to do them themselves. 

Tell me what you think. Are we doing too much for our kids these days, not letting them learn to do it themselves? I think a lot of parents are and a lot are handing over the responsibility of teaching their kids morals and ethics to teachers, peers, tv, media, etc. 

We naturally want to help and protect our children but I love how Kate said, "It is not my job to keep them from falling. If I do, I have robbed them of the opportunity to learn that falling is possible but worth the risk, and that they can, in fact, get up again." What a great lesson we as parents need to teach our kids, to learn to take (appropriate) risks and get back up after falling down. 

Tell me what you think and what you do to teach your kids this lesson! 

Read the rest of Kate's article, she makes some really awesome points.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I am a single mom of a 9 year old boy and after disastrously dating guys that don't know how to wipe their own butts lol I decided he was always going to know how to do things on his own. He knows how to clean,take out the trash, do his laundry and cook some things. It is so important for our children to grow up and not expect everyone to do everything for them!

  2. For the most part, I encourage Caden to do things on his own. He learned how to pick up his toys before he was 1 (no joke!). At the park, I cheer him on doing something hard but I am right there next to him in case he falls or gets stuck. However, I have to remember that he is only 2 and has every right to be dependent on me. I can tell when he is being lazy and when he just wants my help to show him I love him and care for him. Some children's love language is acts of service and so helping them or doing things with or for them makes them feel loved. It won't make them lazy or unskilled if done appropriately.


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