Monday, August 13, 2012

Shaklee Global Conference Recap

What a crazy jam-packed week I had! I had hoped to do some updates while I was at the Shaklee Global Conference, but honestly they kept us so busy that I hardly even saw my husband.

So the Conference was so awesome! I got to meet my teammates in person and what a bunch of fun ladies they are! By the way, there will be a tutorial on my dress, coming soon.
pool party group photo
We had great classes and inspirational speakers.

This is Roger Barnett, the chairman and CEO. He is such a fantastic guy and so down to earth. At one of the sessions, he wandered around the arena sitting next to people and just getting to know them. And he remembered one of our team members who took a photo for him and thanked her later. So nice!

Shaklee sponsored several Olympic athletes and they spoke to us live from London at our opening session. The women’s rowing team won gold!

Jacqui McCoy from ABC’s Extreme Makeover; Weight loss Edition is part of our Shaklee family! She loves Vitalizer and is taking the Cinch Transformation Challenge to loose the last little bit of her weight.

I got to meet her one day and talk to her. She is so sweet and looks amazing! She told me she used to work for another nutrition company and sometimes they would do tests and find 0% of the active ingredient, but still sell the product anyway.  She loves Shaklee because they would NEVER do that, they have VERY high standards! They perform thousands of quality control tests each year so I know that what is on the label is what I’m putting into my body.
So there’s a quick teaser of the Conference, I’ll be back with more info on the conference and the dress I made for the pool party.
Stay tuned!
Oh and if you’re interested in joining our mission to help families get healthier and wealthier and helping families to dream again, please watch our webinar Tuesday Night 7pm (pacific) and see if this is for you! :)
Bonnies Shaklee paycheck

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