Sunday, July 29, 2012

Potty Training in One Week

That's right, one week! My little guy is now a big boy! I'm so proud of him and I love that my diaper washing has gone back done to twice a week!

 Here is what we did and what worked for us. I know every kid is different so not everything we did will work for everyone, but hopefully this will help someone out there. 

 So we started by watching the movie Potty Power (check it out from your library before buying it). We actually watched this several months ago, but he wasn't quite ready, but he still remembered it. 

Start by watching that, it helps empower kids to use the potty. We also read a couple books about using the potty.

Next, we made sure we had the right equipment. For us that meant having a potty seat in every bathroom and some big boy underwear. You may also want several towels strategically placed around the house. :-D

We bought this wonderful thing at Lowe's or Home Depot a couple months ago. It's a toilet seat with a built in child seat! There's a magnet in the lid that holds the child seat up when you raise the lid. Genius! 

Alright, then comes the scary part. Put the diapers away and don't give in. It worked best for us to let him wear nothing on bottom until he was consistent with using the potty and not having accidents. That way he paid more attention to if he had to go or not. 

Each time he uses the potty he gets a small treat, like a Skittle or gummy bear. Give lots of praise for going potty.

So a typical day looked like this;
As soon as he woke up he went on the potty and from then on there were no diapers, except naptime.

I took him to the potty about every hour or two. Each time he went, we cheered and he got a potty treat. We talked a lot about the potty and where peepee and poopoo go. Repetition is key to helping it stick. 

Even though he would ask, he never got a diaper outside of nap and bedtime. You really have to be consistent on this because you can't teach them that it's sometimes ok to pee in their pants, but not other times. So if we went out, he got underwear and I would constantly remind him that he was wearing big boy underwear and that we don't get them wet.  

He had two accidents, both involving the underwear at home. A couple times I put him in underwear the first couple days he had an accident because he didn't realize yet that it was different from a diaper. I still put him on the potty and repeated where pee and poo go. Then I would have him help me clean it by taking his wet underwear to the hamper and wiping up the pee. There was no shame involved, just letting him know he needed to help clean it up.

As the week went on, I would ask him less often if he needed to go or wait until he told me. I did this so he wasn't so reliant on me to take him. He has gotten better at telling me, but I still watch for him touching himself. That's his sign that he's trying to hold it in - literally. hehe. 

So after about 5 days of nakedness, he got to wear underwear and got the hang of them and has been doing great! No accidents when we went to the library and lunch the other day and no accidents in church!

Andrew is such a clean boy that this worked for him. He was sad when he got the underwear wet and made a mess so he understood pretty quickly that it was better to use the potty. 

As for potty training #2, he's doing well too. He doesn't really like going #2 on the potty, but I know the signs that it's coming. On Sunday, he kept touching his bum and making his concentrating face. When I asked him he said he didn't need to go but we went to the potty anyway and sure enough he went! So I'm still keeping an eye on that, but I don't think we'll have any accidents in underwear. 

Overall, it was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. I think we prepped him pretty well and he was ready. The biggest problem with him now being potty trained is that not many of his shorts/pants fit! I might have to dig out some 18 month shorts I just packed away. hehe. My skinny little guy!

What have you done that has helped with potty training?


  1. Potty training has always been a painful process for me but I was never brave enough to just let them go naked! I am inspired by your post. Love that toilet seat. Gonna have to get that for sure and start this potty training for the 3rd and final time for me.

  2. Congrats! Once we're done moving I'm starting potty training with Caden. I think he's ready. Sometimes he tells me when he's dirty. And he definitely doesn't like messes. Once I let him go naked when he had a horrible rash and he had a couple accidents. It really upset him! So maybe naked is the way to go.

  3. I've got to get my little guy potty trained. I've survived potty training two boys, now I just have two more to go, although it will be a while until we are out of diapers completely, because the baby is only four months. With the older two, we went with underwear right from the beginning of potty training and it seemed to work way better than using Pull-Ups do for other people!


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