Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Easy Ways to Change Your Life & Save the Earth

Happy Earth Day!!

What are you planning on doing to celebrate?

I've decided to ditch the refrigerator and live out of coolers! Totally Eco-friendly:-)

Just kidding, kinda. Yes, we're totally camping out in our own house, but not by choice! Our fridge broke the other day and we've been living out of borrowed coolers since then. Not fun. Not fun at all. 

Moving right along, I wanted to just share some easy ways you can make a difference this Earth day.

1. Eat less Meat: Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gases than growing plants! Every year in just the U.S., 80 percent of all agricultural land, 70 percent of all grain, half of all water resources, and one-third of all fossil fuels are used to raise animals for food. So eat more veggies and less meat - it's better for your health anyway. Consider starting with one day a week to not eat meat. It sounds hard at first but there really are so many options. Substitute tofu for chicken in certain dishes, like I did in my Western Beggar Tofu recipe

leave out the meat in dishes with beans and other sources of complete proteins, such as taco or other similar dishes.  

Or just try new recipes all together

Experiment with quinoa, a complete plant protein!

My husband and I have been completely meat free for about 3 weeks now and we feel great!

2. Walk more, drive less: Improve your health and air quality at the same time by walking to places close by. Need to drop by a friend's house or want to take the kids to the park? Walk or bike instead and get exercise while you do it! When you do have to drive, take care of your car so it runs efficiently; check your tire pressure is correct and have the engine well maintained.

3. Switch to Reusable Shopping bags: It's a super easy way to help the environment, plus you can find some super cute ones if that matters to you. Each year, trillions of plastic bags are made and discarded. They reek havoc on waterways, landscapes, and they fill landfills for about a thousand years before they finally break down!
4. Use all natural cleaners: Most American's spend about 90% of their time indoors and scientists say that pollution indoors is 2-5 times higher inside your house! Why? Some of the worst culprits are your cleaners! Toxic chemicals in your oven, toilet, and window cleaners are released into the air each time you clean!

Shaklee's Get Clean line of cleaners are all natural and completely non-toxic! They are also super concentrated to save you money. One Get Clean Starter Kit (in regular and unscented) is equivalent to $3400 of the other cleaner. 

Plus they work!

Shaklee carries an amazing dish line that gets the job done even without pre-rinsing!! 

The Scour Off can do wonders on your oven!!

You can remove water spots.

You can even clean your toaster.

Our products can do just about anything!

And because it is safe, you can even have your children help! :)

For all your disinfecting needs, we have a great disinfectant!


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