Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm alive and an Amazing Promo!!

Well I'm back, but not to full capacity yet. We all got sick this week. All I did was borrow a toy from our church's nursery room for my son to play with so he would be happy. And like clockwork Tuesday morning the little man is grumpy, sniffing, and a little warm. This was a nasty cold that took us all out of commission for a while.

On top of all of that, we had to move. Our apartment contract expired, they already rented it to a new tenant, and the sellers of our new home failed to sign the closing papers before our financing with the bank expired. So we had to pack all our worldly possessions into a moving truck and temporarily relocate. Luckily a friend of ours had a rent house that currently didn't have renters. So that is where we are living now, we left all our stuff in the moving truck for now in hopes we don't have to unload and reload the truck in a short amount of time. In addition to all that, as if that's not enough to deal with, the gas company needs 5 days notice before they can turn on service. I called as soon as I knew we didn't close, but we still haven't had any hot water or stove since we've been here. 

Needless to say I won't be crafting for a little while, but I really want to tell you about a new promotion through Shaklee. Right now, anyone new who places an order of $30 or more will get a membership ($19.95 value) for FREE!!

To order…
Place the products that you want in your cart.  
(at least $30 at member’s price (15% discount)
Join as a Shaklee member for $19.95  (Fill out the application)
Pay for items
Place Order
You will be charged the $19.95 at first and then reimbursed when it ships. Shaklee is working on updating this so the reimbursement is automatic. 

Now is a great time to order if you've been wanting to try Shaklee products. You get 15% discount and become a member for life for FREE! Go on, check out the products and place your order today!


  1. Oh my goodness; that sounds horrible! I hope everything works out for you guys very soon!!


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